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International Conference
on Science, Reason & Religions

While most modern people resort to science and technology to deal with the demands of life, religion still provides the deeper meaning and purpose of human existence. But it is also evident that some modern people quietly dismiss religion as irrational and irrelevant to their needs. However, a significant group of people in contemporary society would agree that religion has made a significant contribution to human civilization and its ethico-moral development.

While religion and reason have both had a role in shaping the course of human history, the historical relationship between reason and religion has not been without some degree of tension. An investigation into this long-standing relationship, therefore, could provide useful insights into the contribution of both religion and reason to the experience of life in the modern world. This conference aspires to explore the encounter between science, reason, and religions in order to gain a deeper appreciation of the indispensable role that each has played (and still plays) in the development of thought.



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